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Our Story

Where We Began

Four years ago Tom and I were introduced to each other by their common friend, Harvey. It was not love at first sight, although Tom admits he'd seen me around town before and found me very beautiful. After their first date, I actually went home thinking "oh, he's too old for me" and Tom went home thinking "oh, she's too smart" :-) But as fate would have it, over the coming few months, we grew closer day by day. I had returned to Europe, where I was taking care of my dying father, and although Tom was still in the US, he soon became my new best friend offering me the support I needed as my father, mentor, and best friend (up until that moment), slipped away and passed. 


The day after my father's memorial service, I got on a plane and returned to the US, to see if maybe there was more to Tom than had first met my eyes. Sure enough, we soon started dating and I actually knew I wanted to marry Tom a few weeks before we even became an item.  I still remember how my father said to me many times "a woman should go from the arms of her father to the arms of her husband", and this actually turned out to be the very case. 

Tom and Linda
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