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Video Recording of the Wedding

Below is a recording of the ceremony and key sections of the reception and the dance which followed. This video captures the lightness, spontaneity, and humor of the event. We hope you enjoy it! 

You can find some key timestamps below the video.

00:00 Bride Enters

4:43 Stories Around how we Met

14:05 Linda’s Words to Tom

21:37 Tom’s Words to Linda

26:02 Vows

28:05 Exchange of Rings

29:20 Signing the Wedding Certificate

30:46 Pronounced Man and Wife

31:04 Kissing the Bride

31:26 Rose Petal Shower

32:00 Congratulations

37:11 Group Photo

37:32 Wedding Photoshoot

38:49 Reception Lunch

40:54 Toast to the Newlyweds

41:21 Cutting the Cake

42:12 Feeding Each other

44:08 Wedding Dance

47:53 Credits - Thanks you

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