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Finally Married

On February 23, 2023, Tom and I got married. It was a very happy moment as I think you can tell from the pictures. There was a lot of work that went into the wedding preparations and we weren't even sure we would get everything ready on time, but through some kind of miracle it all came together and we had the most wonderful day we could have dreamed of. 

Due to many factors (Covid concerns, limited space, etc.), our wedding was small - less than 30 people were invited and they were only friends from our local town - not even family from out of town came. If you were one of our friends who did not get an invitation, please know that we would have loved to have you there if it had been possible. 

We've set up this website to share the Wedding with you. On the Image Gallery page, you can find many pictures. You can also read some fun Stories about the event, and if you'd like to give a gift, the Honeymoon Gift Registry is still open - just scroll down or go to the Gift Registry page. And please don't forget to sign our Guestbook! Thank you for sharing this moment with us, whether live or in replay mode :-) 

A Well-deserved Honeymoon

The greatest gift of all is having you as our friend/family. Many have asked about a Wedding Gift Registry.

If you would like to contribute towards our Honeymoon, you can find a link to our Honeymoon Gift Registry below. 

If you live outside of the US, you may have trouble making donations at the above site - instead, you can use PayPal

PayPal: or contact us for bank details.

Or if you have any contacts or suggestions, feel free to write us.

Thank you so much! 



We don't have a fixed travel plans – Hawaii is a dream of mine, but anywhere near water makes us both happy. 

Thank you! 

There are many people who made our Wedding a beautiful, magical, memorable, perfect day.

We'd like to recognize you here in no particular order - we are so grateful to all of you!  

To Harvey who introduced us; Eva and Kate who helped get my hair and make-up done and gave me lots of advice in many areas, they also helped with dishing out the food and beautifying the reception area and so many things!; Helene who kept giving me lots of ideas on how to find bakers, helped me pick out the dress etc; Max who helped serve out the food, Karim for helping with video recording and other things; Mark who brought the food to the event!; Jim Davis who did the great photography; Shiraz who assured everything was recorded; Kara who got the hall and reception area set up and did so much to make it all happen!; Jim helped with serving the food, playing music, beautifying the hall and reception area, etc; Allan who helped us find the right time and date for this event; Sabi who really went out of her way not only to prepare us the most wonderful meal but making sure everything around it would work as smoothly as it did; Melissa at Desserts by Design who baked the most beautiful, delicious cake; Dolores who cut up and served the cake; Shepley who was the officiator and made sure we got our vows ready on time!; Jane who kept encouraging me and sent sweet love and support; Alex who gave me much advice; Joanna - wedding bouquet and flower arrangements; Nicole who read the quotes by Maharishi; Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for teaching us the ultimate wisdom of life; Raja Luis - Thank you!; Leen - for all her support; Lisa who lent us things needed for the event; Ali - handed out the rose petals and signed the wedding certificate; everyone who participated at the wedding contributing to the joyful experience; anyone I might have missed mentioning here - thank you!; everyone who watched online and everyone who has been sending us best wishes and congratulations and gifts!; my parents who set us up; and thank you to my dear Tom, without you there would not have been a wedding to celebrate <3 

We welcome you to sign our Guestbook.
Please make sure to enter your name so we know who it's from, thanks! 

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